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                    Quanzhou WanGuo Development Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Guoguo Development Co., Ltd. first entered the non-ferrous metal industry in 1993. After many years of hard work and market exploration, it decided to take the road of integration of industry and trade. Quanzhou Guoguo Development Co. Ltd., which is directly connected with the market, has become a window to directly grasp the pulse of the market, serve the market, and feedback market information.

At present, enterprises have accumulated valuable and rich experience in the operation of non-ferrous metals for many years, established stable and reliable supply channels and sales networks, and also set a good operating performance, becoming a well-known enterprise operating non-ferrous metals in Fujian Province. And actively explore the surrounding provincial and foreign markets.



In addition to the main projects such as aluminum ingots, lead ingots, petroleum Coke, and zinc ingots, the company is also expanding other non-ferrous metal raw materials related projects, such as: alumina, Yang(yin) polar carbon blocks, sulfuric acid, fluorinated salt series, etc.. Involved, Because of the use of existing supply and marketing networks, the management of related project companies have a strong advantage. At present, the company mainly relies on China Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., Shuikoushan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. and other national large and medium-sized production enterprises as suppliers. The sales target is large and medium-sized aluminum processing enterprises and lead production enterprises in Fujian Province. The market share of aluminum ingots has reached 35 %. More than 35 %, lead ingots have developed rapidly. Stably opened up Zhejiang, Guangdong market. In the operation, we always adhere to the "reputation first, customer first" management policy, has been suppliers and customer groups of unanimous recognition and extensive trust. At the same time, the company was invited by Shuikou Mountain Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. as its collaboration unit.

The company has internal office, finance department, information department and business department. The business department is divided into aluminum spindle department, lead and zinc department and colored development department. The Ministry of Information has introduced a professional satellite information system to master timely market conditions and analyze market trends.

The company has been operating in accordance with the law for a long time. It was awarded by the Quanzhou State Taxation Bureau to a tax paying enterprise and praised by the local tax bureau. It was awarded the title of "Fujian Top 100" by the Fujian Enterprise Evaluation Center and the Enterprise Evaluation Association. Bank credit rating: AAA. In 2002 and 2003, he was awarded the title of "Provincial Trade Industry Outstanding Credit Enterprise" for two consecutive years. The credit rating: AAA; It was selected by the Provincial Enterprise Evaluation Center as "Top 300 Enterprises in Fujian Tertiary Industry" and "Fujian AAA Credit Enterprise". The credit rating of Fujian Zhongxin Credit Rating Consulting Co., Ltd. was assessed as A +.

The company is constantly improving its internal management system, establishing a market-oriented management mechanism, and maintaining a strong momentum of development. Here, we sincerely invite all friends who are interested in non-ferrous metals management, join hands with us to create a new world of colorful non-ferrous metals industry!

Remarks by the Chairman

    China's entry into the WTO, the trend of global economic integration, and the convergence of consumption to strong brands and famous brands have all made the competition increasingly fierce and cruel. Competition for social development and human progress; Competition has also turned the market into a battleground.
We are conscious that brand strategy is the commanding point of future market competition. From the very beginning, "Universal" has upheld the belief of a high starting point, scale, and tree brand, innovated and developed, served the society, and aimed at bringing enjoyment to consumers through science and technology.
In the 21st century, opportunities and challenges coexist. "Universal" will be based on quality, with innovation as the driving force, with the purpose of shaping the "Universal" brand, as an expert in power and energy, to serve the general public!